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Curiosity: Recommended Reading

Reward Your Curiosity

Leading popular articles on psychedelics to sate the curious​

Be inspired by the power of a changed perspective through browsing our curated list of the most accurate and well written articles on psychedelic medicines from around the web.

Recommended reading

Psychedelics and Hallucinogens in Psychiatry – Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Application

Psych Scene Hub – 31/10/2020

Psychedelics are any of the so-called mind-expanding drugs that are able to induce states of altered perception and thoughts, frequently with a heightened awareness of sensory input but with diminished control over what is being experienced.

The whole-planet view
AEON – 24/09/2019
Psychedelics offer a sense of expansive connectedness, just like astronauts have felt looking back to Earth from space.

Psychedelics to treat mental illness? Australian researchers are giving it a go
The Conversation – 24/4/2019
The Conversation highlights various psychedelics which show great promise in clinical treatment of an array of mental illnesses.

Scientists Rethink Psychedelics As Attitudes Change Toward Formerly Illicit Drugs
Forbes – 31/1/2019
Dr. Matthew W. Johnson, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, refers to the approval of psychedelics as “a new era in medicine.”

Psychedelic Renaissance: Could MDMA help with PTSD, depression and anxiety?
The Guardian – 14/4/2019
This article from The Guardian explores the effects of psychedelics and discusses groundbreaking studies and their findings.

Investors are starting to bet big on psychedelic medicine
CNBC – 27/3/2019
As public interest in psychedelics continues to grow, federal regulators make new approvals and investors show financial support.

Top Scientist Says Magic Mushrooms and MDMA Could Become Legal Medicine at Davos Billionaire Summit
Business Insider – 26/1/2019
At the Davos Billionaire Summit, scientist Robin Carhart-Harris expresses his optimism for the legalization of psychedelics in the medical context.

“Altered States of Mental Health Treatment”
UW-Madison School of Pharmacy – 6/12/2018
Usona collaborators Paul Hutson, PhD and Christopher Nicholas, PhD discuss past and upcoming psilocybin and MDMA studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy.

“Life, death and psychedelic drugs”
CNN – 30/10/2018
CNN reports on the therapeutic effects of MDMA (for PTSD) and psilocybin (for end-of-life anxiety) on study participants.

“Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Closer to Medicinal Use (It’s Not Just Your Imagination)”
New York Times – 3/10/18
The New York Times discusses how shifts in cultural perspectives and advancements in research may lead to psilocybin’s eventual use as a legal medicine.

“Michael Pollan on testing psychedelics as a treatment for depression”
CBS News – 14/05/2018
Michael Pollan and CBS news anchors discuss the potential of psychedelics to treat a variety of psychological conditions, including depression.

“The New Science of Psychedelics”
The Wall Street Journal – 3/5/18
Michael Pollan discusses the history of psychedelic research, as well as contemporary studies examining psilocybin for the alleviation of depression, anxiety, and addiction.

“Running Away or Righting Away: Is Psilocybin a Viable Psychiatric Treatment?”
MD Magazine – 15/02/2018
Charles Raison MD and Michael Bogenschutz MD discuss the history and potential of psilocybin research.

“Magic Mushrooms ‘reboot’ brain in depressed people – study”
The Guardian, 13/10/2017
Research at Imperial College London suggests that psilocybin may help to “reboot” neural circuits in those experiencing treatment-resistant depression.

“Decoding the Tripping Brain”
The Scientist – 1/9/2017
How progress in research is shedding light onto the underlying mechanisms behind the therapeutic effects of psychedelics, including anti-depressive and anti-inflammatory properties.

“Why psychedelic drugs are having a medical renaissance”
PBS Newshour – 25/01/2017
Video segment on MDMA and psilocybin-based therapies.

“Hallucinogen Therapy is Coming”
Nautilus – 22/9/16
How psilocybin treatment can spring people from fears and destructive habits.

“The Trip Treatment”
The New Yorker – 9/2/16
Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results.

“How to Change your Mind”
Michael Pollan
A great introduction to psychedelic research and therapy – including history, current progress, potential therapeutic mechanisms, and personal interviews and accounts…

The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry
CBC Radio – 28/12/18
Meet three people whose lives have been transformed by psychedelic drug research

“Ecstasy as a Remedy for PTSD? You Probably Have Some Questions”
The New York Times – 1/5/18
Have all your questions answered about the safety, success and science of how MDMA treats PTSD.

MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, could be key in helping veterans with PTSD
CBS News – 18/9/18
Learn of the healing effects of MDMA for people suffering from PTSD by hearing directly from clinical trial participants.

Healing Trauma with MDMA: A New Study Published”
Psychedelic Support – 29/10/18
Learn about the development of MDMA as a medicine in this detailed and easy to follow review article charting the clinical research results of using MDMA to treat PTSD.

Ecstasy Could Be ‘Breakthrough’ Therapy for Soldiers, Others Suffering from PTSD
The Washington Post 26/8/2017
Jonathan Lubecky, a Marine Corps and Army veteran, returned from a deployment to Iraq with severe PTSD. His participation in a study of MDMA, the drug commonly known as ecstasy, proved life-saving.

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