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Legal Psychedelic Medicine Centres

Overseas Centres

The Aftercare Project (Online)

Amoraleza (Brazil)

APL Shamanic Journeys (Spain & Portugal)

Arkena Spiritual Centre (Peru)

A Spiritual Hand (Peru)

Aya Cura (Netherlands )

Aya Healing Retreats (Peru)

Ayahuasca Devas Centre (Ecuador)

Ayahuasca Foundation (Peru)

Ayahuasca House (Colombia)

Ayahuasca Insights (Peru)

Ayahuasca International – Inner Mastery International (Spain)

Ayahuasca.NL (Netherlands)

Ayahuasca! Now What? (Netherlands)

Casa de Curación (Peru)

Ayahuasca Peru (Peru)

Ayakasha (Netherlands)

Aya Visionary (Costa Rica)

Blue Morpho (Peru)

Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center (Peru)

CAISAE (Amazonian Incan Shamanic Spiritual Ancestral Centre) (Peru)

Centro Savia Terra (Peru)

Centrum Lumos (Netherlands)

Ceu Aguia Dourada (Brazil)

Ceu da Santa Maria (Netherlands)

Chakapita (Ecuador)

Dr. Sanango (Peru)

Eagle Condor Alliance (Colombia)

I*C*U Ayahuasca (Netherlands)

Soltara Healing Center (Peru)

Temple of the Way of Light (Peru)

Niwe Rao Xobo (Peru)

Amsterdam Truffles Therapy (Netherlands)

A Whole New High (Netherlands)

Earth Awareness (Netherlands)

Essence Institute (Netherlands)

Guided Tripping (Netherlands)

Inward Bound (Netherlands)

Kiyumi Psychedelic Retreats (Netherlands)

Medicinal Mindfulness (USA)

Metamorphogenesis (Netherlands)

Myco Meditations (Jamaica)

New Moon Retreats (Netherlands)

Psychedelic Insights (Netherlands)

Synthesis (Netherlands)

Soul Remedy (Peru)

The Jungle Kitchen (Spain)

Anzelmo Ibogaine Center (Mexico)

Awaken Your Soul (Costa Rica)

Celiba Ibogaine Therapy (Mexico)

Clear Sky Recovery (Mexico)

Crossroads Treatment Center (Mexico)

Awakening the Dream House (Mexico)

Detox Addiction Centre Cancun (Mexico)

Ebando (Gabon)

Iboga Experience (Netherlands)

Meseta Ibogaine House (Mexico)

Ibogaine Thailand (Thailand)

Genisis Ibogaine Center (Mexico)

Pangea Biomedics (Mexico)

Dr Will Siu (Los Angeles, California)

Ember Health (New York, New York)

Wholeness Centre (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Craig Salerno Counciling (Boulder, Colorado)

Right now, MDMA and LSD are illegal in most countries and have no accepted medical uses. However, there is ongoing research on MDMA’s value in psychotherapy for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as exploratory research on other potential uses. LSD is currently being investigated for its effects on anxiety as part of LSD-assisted psychotherapy. To see what studies and clinical trials are currently recruiting participants, check the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies’ website.

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