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The Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy for Mental Health – Online Course

Online Course: The Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy for Mental Health

Mind Medicine Australia is delighted to announce the launch of a new online course, The Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy for Mental Health. This course will help people understand the foundations of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the application of their use in the treatment of chronic mental illness. This course is open to anyone with an interest in the topic.

Read our student testimonials here.

What does the program cover?

This is a live, 4-week online training program on the Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies.

The course is designed to educate a broad range of medical and mental health professionals, those with lived experience and consumers on the science and clinical use of psychedelics.

This course will help you to stay on the cutting edge of these transformational treatments, and help you understand how these medicines will affect your practice, patients, families and communities.

You can view the full program here:

Psychedelic Fundamentals Overview


“I’ve learnt so much from the first 3 weeks of this course, and I really appreciate the recordings to be able to take the time to re-listen to the Q&A. I particularly loved the summary in week 1 touching on Ram Dass’ meditative stabilization techniques, and not seeing psychedelics as a ‘cure all’, but rather as a missing link for the community.”

Sarah Chin


“This is drawing together so many threads of study and experience for me. I have appreciated your acknowledgement of the importance of establishing an understanding and familiarity with the experience of grounded-ness as a foundation for an altered-states experience so that it can be fully integrated in a helpful way.”

Nikki Knighton, Occupational Therapist, Victoria


“Thank you for such comprehensive, informative presentations.”

Sheree Krass, GP, Victoria


“A wonderful introduction to the topic. Thank you!!”

Vivienne Taylor, Disability Support Worker, Victoria


“Inspiring to see over 200 people on this course. I would call that a movement.”

Chris Blogg, Counsellor, NSW


“Absolutely sensational thank you so much. Brilliant to get a glimpse into integration. Amazing!”

Dan Mat, Disability Support Worker, WA


“I’m tearing up! Stimulating content, knowledge abundant and sincerely delivered by Nigel and Tra-ill who I just love more and more each week. xx”

Anna Bertalli, Photographer, NSW


“Thank you so much and looking forward to next week. Brilliant!”

Javier, Web Developer, NSW


“Thanks so much, it was awesome.”

Teresa, Company Director, Victoria


“I’ll catch up on the rest of the Q&A session in the recorded version. Thank you for the amazing lecture! This is wonderful. See you all next week!”

Alison Bigg, Student, Victoria


“Thank you for this great presentation. Amazing work and exciting times within this field.”

Rez, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, NSW


“Thank you for a very interesting course, well organised and facilitated.”

Danielle Flink, Social Worker, VIC


“Thank-you Traill and Nigel for a wonderful and interesting presentation – looking forward to next week.”

Dr Mark Porter, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, WA


“Nigel’s attunement was evident, and he held the space beautifully.”

Deborah Piper, Psychotherapist, NSW


“Thank you. A very interesting and enlightening session. I’ve been exploring post-formal development from the perspective of an educator, and I find the parallels very insightful. See you next week for the final session. Thanks for sharing that process with us. Very useful!!”

Deborah Matta, Social Worker, SA

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