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“My dearest!
Thank you so much for making it possible for us to learn all these incredible therapies and practices, and to listen to the leading scientists and doctors in the field.
Mind Medicine Australia - you are so far the best psychedelic organisation in the world. I also like David Nutt's Drug Science. Cutting edge research, new innovative approaches. World famous people. I can go on and on and on! Thank you all for your work!
For quite a while I was looking for some material to study the Somatic Approach. This is absolutely spot on!! Thanks for all the resources from Saj's webinar!”

Baiba Baika
Wildeshausen, Oldenburg, Germany

Melbourne Community Event: Breathwork, Connection and Meditation with Uplift Community

With Uplift Community

Date: Tue 27 August 2024 @ 7:00pm
Location: Melbourne

An ‘uplifting’ workshop designed to dive deeper into Breathwork practices to learn simple techniques to regulate the nervous system, manage stress and improve mood. There will also be an opportunity for open discussions about well-being and mental health in a supportive environment and the session will conclude with a calming guided meditation.

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Hear the Latest About MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Trauma from Dr Rick Doblin (USA) and MAPS

With Dr Rick Doblin (USA)

Date: Wed 25 September 2024 @ 12:00pm
Location: Webinar (online)

Science has shown psychedelic medicines offer healing, resilience and comfort where there seemed to be none. The Food and Drug Administration has named them “breakthrough therapies” for mental health conditions that lack effective treatments.

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FREE Webinar – Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Microdosing with Dr James Fadiman (USA)

With Dr James Fadiman (USA)

Date: Wed 16 October 2024 @ 1:00pm
Location: Webinar (online)

Everything you’ve wanted to know about microdosing with the legendary Dr James Fadiman (USA).

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Mind Medicine Australia FREE Webinar – Psychedelics and How They Work in the Brain

With Prof Robin Carhart-Harris (USA)

Date: Wed 13 November 2024 @ 12:00pm
Location: Webinar (online)

Professor Robin Carhart-Harris leads pioneering psychedelic research, including clinical trials for depression, and established the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College, London.

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Monthly Community Event: Sound Healing, Loving Kindness and Connection Workshop with Dan Byrne and Tania de Jong AM

With Dan Byrne and Tania de Jong AM

Date: Mon 18 November 2024 @ 7:00pm
Location: Melbourne

Our community Sound Bath experience has been designed to offer a transformative journey, where you will collectively weave a beautiful tapestry of sound, which bathes those in the centre in kindness and healing energy.

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Treatment of Mood Disorders: What Does the Future Hold? With Prof Allan H. Young (UK)

With Prof Allan H. Young (UK)

Date: Wed 11 December 2024 @ 7:00pm
Location: Webinar (online)

Mood disorders are a common, chronic, severe, complex and costly group of recurrent psychiatric illness that can be devastating for the affected individual and their families.

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