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MDMA To Be Used As Trauma Treatment

The Project - CH10, July 1, 2024

Patients like Shannon Foster have struggled with PTSD resulting from childhood and intergenerational family trauma. After a decade of seeing a psychotherapist, earlier this month Shannon tried the new therapy in a Sydney clinic that has become the first in NSW to use MDMA to treat trauma, after it was approved by the TGA following clinical trials.

FDA advisors voted against MDMA therapy – researchers are still fighting for it

BBC, June 20, 2024

A vote against using MDMA as part of therapy for PTSD has provoked a powerful backlash among researchers who study psychedelic medicines.

Psychedelics therapy gets under way in NSW

Medical Republic, June 13, 2024

The state’s first patients have begun treatment with medically enhanced psychotherapy for PTSD and treatment-resistant depression.

Magic Mushrooms Get Canadian Export License in Psychedelic Race

BNN Bloomberg, June 3, 2024

Canada has licensed a startup to export psychedelics to Australia for patient use, the latest milestone in a contest to supply the potential growth of medical psychedelic medicines.

With $2 million raised, MAPS-Israel looks to use psychedelics to treat post-Oct. 7 wave of PTSD

eJewish Philanthropy, May 29, 2024

The Israeli affiliate of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies plans to use MDMA to combat post-traumatic stress disorder among Nova festival partygoers, residents of the Gaza border region and Israeli soldiers.

The Power and Promise of Psychedelics in Therapy

CNN, May 18, 2024

An interview with Ernesto Londoño, reporter at the New York Times and author of the new book, “Trippy: The Peril and Promise of Medicinal Psychedelics.”

One Dose of LSD-Based Medication Yields Rapid, Durable Response for GAD

Medscape, May 7, 2024

A single oral administration of MM120 (lysergide d-tartrate), an investigational lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)–based medicine being developed by Mind Medicine Inc (MindMed), provided rapid and durable improvement in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in a phase 2B study.

Companies looking to offer psychedelic drug therapy coverage for employees

New York Post, April 12, 2024

A growing number of companies are exploring the possibility of offering psychedelic therapy for their employees as a cost-saving and effective means of mental health treatment, according to a report.

Antidepressant prescriptions soar among UK children

UnHerd, April 2, 2024

New figures suggest nearly 500,000 antidepressant prescriptions are being given to children each year, with only one in four having visited a child psychiatrist before they were given the medicines.

Better sex beyond the trip: Enhanced sexual functioning months after a psychedelic experience​

Open Foundation, March 24, 2024

“This study shines yet more light on the far-reaching effects of psychedelics on an array of psychological functioning.” Dr David Erritzoe, Clinical Director of the Centre for Psychedelic Research.

Denver Begins Psychedelic Training For First Responders

Dabbin-Dad, March 17, 2024

MAPS has partnered with the City and County of Denver to provide comprehensive training on psychedelic crisis assessment and intervention to the city’s first responders.

How Psychedelics Could Help Soldiers Overcome Trauma

Time, March 10, 2024

Amid this mental health catastrophe, authorities have begun turning to psychedelics for help—and for good reason.

Single dose of LSD provides immediate and lasting relief from anxiety, study says

CNN, March 7, 2024

A clinical trial’s encouraging results won US Food and Drug Administration breakthrough therapy status for an LSD formulation to treat generalized anxiety disorder.

Thanks to this man, MDMA could soon be legal for therapy

The Guardian, March 1, 2024

Rick Doblin is a psychedelic pioneer – and he thinks it can help us save the world, one trauma-ending trip at a time.

Incannex Announces Positive Topline Results from Phase 2 Psi-GAD1 Clinical Trial of Psilocybin in Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Incannex Healthcare, February 28, 2024

Incannex Healthcare Inc. (Nasdaq: IXHL), (Incannex or the Company), a leading cannabinoid and psychedelic medicine biotechnology company, is pleased to announce positive topline results from its Phase 2 Psi-GAD1 clinical trial of psilocybin in generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). The trial met its primary endpoint, demonstrating a large clinical effect in the psilocybin treatment group over the placebo group.

How Psychedelics Could Become The Medicine Of The Future

The Project, February 28, 2024

Australian researchers are revolutionising mental health treatment, with the country becoming the first to legalise the use of psychedelics as treatment.

Shannon is terminally ill. In a trailblazing trial, she took a white pill

The Sydney Morning Herald, February 24, 2024

In a groundbreaking Australian study, Shannon Turner and 34 other terminally ill patients used psychedelics for their end-of-life treatment. They lift the lid on what it was like.

Read the full PDF article here.

Mind Medicine Australia is proud to be a part funder of the St Vincent’s trial.

Exercise twice as effective as antidepressants

The Telegraph, February 15, 2024

Exercise is twice as effective at treating depression as antidepressants, a study has suggested.

Read the PDF article here.

Read the full research study here.


The Intercept, February 14, 2024

The patients would undergo two sessions with the drug each in small groups, in what would be the largest MDMA-assisted therapy study anywhere to date — a milestone in the passage of psychedelic medicine into mainstream acceptance.

Psychedelics may help treat PTSD—and the VA is intrigued

National Geographic, February 13, 2024

Demand from veterans for psychedelic medicine is poised to explode as research suggests it might help with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Read the full PDF here.

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