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Welcome to the Mind Medicine Australia Podcast where we explore breakthrough innovations for mental illness.

We are supporting the development of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy programs within Australia by providing educational material and events, therapist training, ethical and legal guidelines, and supporting clinical research.

In furtherance of this mission, The Mind Medicine Australia Podcast aims to facilitate engagement between clinicians, researchers, mental health practitioners, and leaders in psychedelic-assisted therapies to provide expert opinion, share research results, and ultimately help to educate the public about potential new opportunities for patient treatment. We have featured some fantastic guests including Dr Rick Doblin (USA), Dr Rachel Yehuda (USA), Andrew Robb AO (AUS), Reid Robison (USA) and more.

As this field of research develops and enters maturity, communication between organizations, research institutions, and policymakers is critical to ensure that this new model of therapy is well understood and coherent across the board.

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