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Welcome to the Mind Medicine Australia Podcast where we explore breakthrough innovations for mental illness.

The Mind Medicine Australia Podcast aims to connect, listen and share the power of lived experience stories of psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health to inform research directions, policy and system change.

In this podcast you’ll hear about the real experiences of people who have endured and recovered from mental ill-health using psychedelic-assisted therapy. As a part of this exploration, we’ll explore related tools and experiences that our guests have used to cultivate and maintain wellbeing.

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Mind Medicine Australia Podcast Season 2 goals are:

Mind Medicine Australia Podcast with Dr Deb Roberts

About Dr Deb Roberts:

Dr Deb Roberts, PhD is the podcast host for the Mind Medicine Australia Podcast ‘Season 2’ and has been a MMA volunteer, guides the weekly staff meditation, on the MMA Lived Experience Panel and has a life-long relationship with mental (ill) health yet been able to navigate a fulfilling existence through various means.

She is deeply passionate about conversations related to wellbeing. She uses her own lived experience as well as the reality of having two family members who ended their life seeing no treatment pathway forward. One was her older sister who tried countless medicine combinations, therapies and facilities over 30 years.

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