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Psychedelic Research

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  • Systematic review of 44 studies involving microdosing
  • Analysed a vast range of mental and physical factors
  • All evidence indicated clear improvements in cognition, mental health, and a change in conscious state
  • Self-report studies also found improvements in creativity, attention, wellbeing, positive personality changes, greater connection to nature, mood, sociability, and emotional processing
  • Self-report studies were considered to be more reliable, as reports came from the long-term effects of microdosing, in contrast to lab studies analysing effects only after a single microdose
  • Recommendations were also made for future microdosing studies in regards to dose, placebo control, safety and study designs

Psilocybin Research

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MDMA Research

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Historical Context

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DMT Research

LSD Research

Ayahuasca Research

Harm Minimisation

Psychedelics and Music

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