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02 Dec

Psychedelic Healing Stories from Australia: Daniel’s Experience with DMT and Psilocybin

In this blog series, we are sharing some of the healing stories from our recent book: Psychedelic Healing Stories from Australia. In this blog, we share the story of Daniel, 39 y.o. Student (Mental Health/Addiction Studies) and his experiences with DMT and Psilocybin.

14 Oct

Will Australia take a lead in psychedelic therapy?

On September 30th 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia published an eagerly awaited report on the use of psychedelics in treating mental health conditions.

06 Oct

The Ethics and Importance of the Role of Therapists in Working in Non-Ordinary States

We would like to say something about the ethics and importance of the role of therapists in working in non-ordinary states.

02 Aug

Anyone for a Magic Mushroom Medicine?

How free are we if we don't have access to psychedelic medicines that could heal us?

07 Jun

Psychedelic Medicines: How My Journey Into The Jungle Changed My Life by Dr Alana Roy

My name is Dr. Alana Roy and for those who know and love me, Lani Roy. I am the National Practice Manager of Mind Medicine Psychological Support Services and the Co-lead on CPAT (Mind Medicine’s ‘Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies’). I am a Social Worker, Psychologist, Counsellor...

07 Jun

Peter’s Story: Finding Acceptance, Being Generous And Healing Grief Through Psychedelic Medicines

As a young person, I never thought that I would be an Australian. I lived in a country town in England and my family seemed secure and loving (even though relationships between my mother and my father were sometimes strained).

14 May

The Enormous “Elephant in the Room” in the Government’s Mental Health Funding

Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) welcomes the Government’s commitment to mental health and its drive to improve the mental health of Australians and reduce suicide rates. The increased funding for the sector announced in the Budget is an especially important part of this.

07 May

It’s Time To Give Our Military The Medicine They Need

Following the America decision to bring their troops home from Afghanistan after some 20 years in that troublesome country, Australia will also soon do the same.

03 May

Where Psychedelics and Intimacy Meet

The Psychedelic experience is inherently intimate. These medicines are not passive, rather they demand that we pay intimate attention to our inner world, confront it and allow ourselves to be transformed.

22 Apr

A Mother’s Prayer To The TGA

I am writing this as a mother, in the hope that my words may open the closed minds of our politicians, the TGA and the RANZCP, who we rely upon to ensure every Australian has access to the latest medical therapies.

15 Apr

My Awakening…

"I was confronted with all my grief and trauma and challenged to find my power within it. I felt the shaman and medicine, training me to be strong, resilient and face all my fears. I’d had an initiation that was sacred and profound..."

29 Mar

Healing A Troubled Mind: A Personal Perspective On Victoria’s Stagnant Mental Health System

The Royal Commission’s report on the Victorian mental health system sent shockwaves throughout the State, one of which landed squarely on a patient of mine. They noted that Victoria’s mental health system is “not geared for…change”.

26 Mar

Utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy to Help Process Challenging Experiences with Psychedelics

The last twenty years has arguably led to a renaissance of scientific investigation into the therapeutic benefits and risk of a range of psychedelics. LSD, ecstasy, psilocybin and ayahuasca that are increasing in popularity as alternative therapies used to address a host of mental health challenges.

11 Mar

When You Trip Upon A Star

Unraveling the inspiration behind various acclaimed Disney films. Can psychedelics be used to address childhood trauma and better understand imagination?

19 Feb

A Magic Medicine Journey

Firstly, the medicine completely shot us into space and, at the same time, through the Earth, rivers and oceans. What initially overwhelmed me was this incredible sense of oneness.It was as if all boundaries dissolved and I was left with the sheer magnificence of our planet.

09 Feb

Mind Medicine Australia Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

This week Mind Medicine Australia turns two years old! In our two years, we have made remarkable progress in growing public awareness of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Australia.

29 Jan

Psychedelic Healing Stories: Michael Raymond

In late 2018, I was medically retired after battling with mental and physical illness, including, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

14 Jan

Psychedelic Hedonism — The Ethics Of Psychedelic Therapy

Despite the growing body of empirical work regarding the efficacy of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, the socio-cultural history of these compounds along with their unique psychological effects raises a host of normative ethical questions which need to be addressed.

14 Jan

Medically Assisted Psychotherapy in a Global Context

Psychedelics and plant medicines have been used around the world since early humanity for spiritual, ritual, divination and recreational purposes.

17 Dec

Psychedelics: The Reason for the Season

It’s that time of the year again. According to that popular carol, it’s apparently the most wonderful time of the year. The festive season calls us to gather with loved ones and celebrate surviving another year — and what a wild one it’s been. While 2020 was a memorable moment in time, it might be a

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