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08 Oct

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by Melissa Warner and Paul Liknaitzky

In the treatment of PTSD, both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy present additional challenges. PTSD is notoriously hard to treat, with current anti-depressant pharmacotherapy achieving relief from symptoms in about 20%-30% of sufferers.

07 Oct

Breaking Convention: The next steps for psychedelic-assisted therapy by Melissa Warner

With great promise, and the growing hopes of many, comes a need for foresight and acumen in the psychedelic research community. To better forecast the emerging science and international mood, I journeyed to Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest psychedelic science conference.

05 Jun

Letter from Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Director, Mind Medicine Australia

My hope for Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) is that it will play a direct role in reducing the incidence of avoidable suffering in Australia. I think we are obliged to reduce harm in the world by pursuing ends that are good through means that are right.

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