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Stories of Suffering and Transformation

Stories are powerful. They allow us to connect with one another and share ideas in a way that facts and figures sometimes can’t. At Mind Medicine Australia, we encourage members of our community to share their stories to help drive change.

Vanessa & Franco’s Story

One of the most important people in our campaign to reschedule MDMA and psilcoybin was Vanessa. We first connected with Vanessa when she was trying to find a way for her husband Franco to access psilocybin-assisted therapy for his severe treatment resistant depression.

Tragically, they ran out of time and he took his life in late 2021.

Vanessa bravely shared her sad and powerful story with Australia, when she wrote a letter to our Prime Minister and her local member of parliament Anthony Albanese and shared it publicly. She also shared this story at events and joined Professor David Nutt when he presented to the TGA in November 2022.

More Stories of Suffering and Transformation

Please view more video stories below, and purchase our book of psychedelic healing stories from our online store.

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