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International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness, Melbourne, Australia

With Mind Medicine Australia Summit and Mind Medicine Australia Workshop

Date: Wed 17 November 2021 @ 9:00am
Location: Online

Mind Medicine Australia will hold a two-day International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness online in November 2021, bringing together clinicians, scientists, academics, mental and public health professionals, philanthropists, Government, law and policy makers, business, industry, investors, consumers and other interested stakeholders.

The event will also feature a two-day pre-Summit introductory workshop program (17-18 November) for anyone with an interest in the topic and who is considering further development of their current therapeutic skills or who are eager to gain a detailed understanding of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of mental illness.

The two-day Introductory Workshop for Psychedelic Therapies is open to anyone with an interest in the topic and who is considering further development of their current therapeutic skills. It is particularly for those who are aiming to work in this field as and when these therapies become legally available in Australia.

It will cover an introductory background history to psychedelic medicines, how they work and how they are applied in research and clinical settings. There will be a significant practical component focussing on integration of experiences – how to understand and use the kinds of experience commonly encountered when using these substances for better self-understanding and how trained therapists might help someone apply them in their own lives. While not providing a qualification of any kind, attendees can obtain non-accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates (related to your professional registration) for attending.

The workshop will also provide a taster for the contents of the longer Professional Development Program for clinicians and trained therapists due to commence early in 2021. Please note that the introductory workshop is not a prerequisite for anyone wishing to go on to apply for the full course, and also unfortunately cannot guarantee acceptance. The longer training will include teaching by internationally recognised leaders in the field and will follow the highest standards for recognised medicine-assisted psychotherapy training.

The Summit will feature a rich program with a mixture of international and national keynotes, workshops, hot spots and panel conversations.

Leading international speakers confirmed for the 2-day summit and Mind Medicine Australia Ambassadors include: Professor David Nutt (UK) Head of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and lead advisor on psilocybin assisted therapy for treatment-resistant depression, Dr Gabor Maté (Canada) renowned trauma and addiction physician, Johann Hari (UK) journalist and bestselling author, Dr Ben Sessa (UK) psychiatrist, researcher and writer and currently leading the Imperial College trials on using MDMA therapy for alcohol dependence, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris (UK) Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London, Francoise Bourzat (USA) Counselor and Author, Wade Davis (Canada) Anthropologist, ethnobotanist and Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society, Dr William Richards (USA) Psychologist in the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, Dr Lynn Marie Morski (USA) President of the Psychedelic Medicine Association,  Professor Matthew Johnson (USA) Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with a focus on psychedelic research for the treatment of mental illness, Dr Adele Lafrance (USA / Canada) Clinical Psychologist and Research Scientist, Hon Andrew Robb AO Former Minister for Trade, Investment and Tourism in Australia, Patrycja Slawuta (USA) Researcher & Psychologist, Dr Gabby Agin-Liebes (USA) Psilocybin researcher and Weill Institute for Neuroscience, Admiral Chris Barrie AC (AUS) Past Chair of the Australian Defence Force and Strategic Leadership Consultant, Dr Kate Pate (USA) Neurophysiologist and writer, Dr Reid Robinson (USA) Psychedelic Psychiatrist and writer, Dr Adam Gazzaley (USA) Founder & Executive Director – Neuroscape, Shlomi Raz (USA) Chairman and CEO of Eleusis, Kelsey Ramsden (Canada) Co-Founder, CEO & President of Mindcure, John Skerritt (AUS) Deputy Secretary, Health Products Regulation Group – TGA, Dr Simon Longstaff (AUS) Executive Director of The Ethics Centre, Dr Eli Kotler (AUS) Psychiatrist and Director of Medicine at Malvern Private Hospital… and more to be announced.

Key themes will include:

Psychedelic therapies have been granted Breakthrough Therapy status by the FDA in the USA due to current promising research in the treatment of depression and PTSD. We look forward to collaborating with you to explore psychedelic treatment options to help address the mental health crisis we currently face, and offer treatments to those who need it most.

We are delighted to extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to gather online in November 2021.

Together we can change the paradigm for mental health.

Disclaimer: Mind Medicine Australia does not encourage or facilitate illegal use of psychedelics or plant medicines. MMA focus is focused on clinical and legal use only supported by the emerging science and legislative processes. Mind Medicine Australia reserves the right to record and publish webinars on various social media platforms. You agree that you will not discuss any names, locations or specific details of illegal use of psychedelics both verbally or via any written forms of communication via Mind Medicine Australia social media platforms (for example Facebook, Instagram or Zoom private and public chat forms during a webinar). Breaches of these guidelines may result in not being able to participate in the event. We thank you for support and cooperation on these matters.

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