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MMA FREE Webinar Series – A New Era of Experiential Medicine: Exploring the Interface of Technology, Neuroscience and Psychedelics

With Dr Adam Gazzaley (USA)

Date: Wed 01 June 2022 @ 1:00pm
Location: Online

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Join this FREE, 75-minute online webinar to gain access to insights and learn about ground breaking treatments to chronic mental health conditions.

Join this FREE WEBINAR presented by Dr Adam Gazzaley (USA).


After decades of suppression of scientific inquiry into the therapeutic effects of psychedelics, a handful of intrepid researchers have pushed through the barriers to once again show the world the power of these transformative agents for the ailing human mind.  As the field matures, it is becoming clear that in addition to building upon the important research breakthroughs in clinical validation and mechanisms of action, there is an opportunity to develop and study new approaches for delivering psychedelics as more effective, accessible, and personalized treatments. One area of promise is based on a consensus in the field that a major influence on clinical outcomes are the contextual elements that define the patient’s experience; known as “set and setting.” Dr. Gazzaley will discuss the opportunity for modern technology and neuroscience methodologies (sensory presentation devices, neural/physiological recording sensors, and machine learning algorithms) to help guide context at any of the treatment stages — pre-treatment priming, treatment-coupled sensory stimulation, and post-treatment integration — in order to optimize positive benefits and advance psychedelics as precision clinical instruments that define a new era of experiential medicine.

Topic: A New Era of Experiential Medicine: Exploring the Interface of Technology, Neuroscience and Psychedelics

Date: Wednesday 1 June 2022

Time: 12:55pm for 1:00pm start – 2:15pm (incl Q&A) (AEST)

The presentation WILL BEGIN AT 1:00pm.

Location: Online. A link will be emailed to you with the viewing details

Don’t miss out – Get your tickets early!

The Presenters

Dr Adam Gazzaley (USA)


Founder & Executive Director at Neuroscape

Dr. Adam Gazzaley obtained an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, completed Neurology residency at the University of Pennsylvania, and postdoctoral training in cognitive neuroscience at University of California, Berkeley. He is now the David Dolby Distinguished Professor in Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco and the Founder / Executive Director of Neuroscape, a translational neuroscience center engaged in technology creation and scientific research. He designs and develops novel brain assessment and optimization tools to impact education, wellness, and medicine practices. This novel approach involves the development of custom-designed, closed-loop video games integrated with the latest advancements in software (brain computer interfaces, GPU computing, cloud-based analytics) and hardware (virtual/augmented reality, motion capture, mobile physiological recording devices, transcranial electrical brain stimulation). These technologies are then advanced to rigorous research studies that evaluate their impact on multiple aspects of brain function and physiology. This utilizes a powerful combination of neurophysiological tools, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Dr. Gazzaley is also co-founder and Chief Science Advisor of Akili Interactive, a company developing therapeutic video games and co-founder and Chief Scientist of JAZZ Venture Partners, a venture capital firm investing in experiential technology to improve human performance. Additionally, he has been a scientific advisor for over a dozen companies including Apple, GE, Nielsen, Deloitte, Janssen, and Pepsico, as well as the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Dr. Gazzaley has filed multiple patents for his inventions, authored over 160 scientific articles, and delivered over 700 invited presentations around the world. His research and perspectives have been consistently profiled in high-impact media, such as The New York Times, New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Discover, Wired, PBS, NPR, CNN and NBC Nightly News. He wrote and hosted the nationally-televised PBS special “The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley”, and co-authored with Dr. Larry Rosen the MIT Press book: “The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World”, winner of the 2017 PROSE Award in the category of Biomedicine and Neuroscience. Dr. Gazzaley has received many awards and honors, including the Society for Neuroscience – Science Educator Award, a 2020 Global Gaming Citizen Honor and was named in Newsweek’s 2021 Inaugural list of America’s Greatest Disruptors. He is a Board of Trustee and Science Council Member and Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences.and a Board of Trustee and Science Council Member of the California Academy of Sciences.

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