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Thank you for joining the Mind Medicine Australia study group. We look forward to exploring the following readings with you:

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Psychedelics: Mysticism, Religion and Philosophy

This study group will discuss the potential use of psychedelics during the Eleusinian Mysteries in Ancient Greece and its subsequent influence on Western thought, philosophy and early Christianity. Additionally, we will examine St John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul mystical experience and how it can be reconceptualised under Stanislav Grof’s ‘perinatal’ experiences for fostering spiritual development with psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Watch this video:

Read this paper: Mysticism and Psychedelics: The Case of the Dark Night

TOPIC: Freedom of consciousness and the psychedelic dimension


– Introduction to human consciousness
– Brief introduction to the history of consciousness
– Arguments for and against freedom of consciousness and cognitive liberty
– The clinical context and why regulation is important
– Shamanic practices (to introduce the use of psychedelics in relation to consciousness)
– Use of psychedelics in relation to Human consciousness
– Use of psychedelics in relation to Human Rights



1. Dimensions of consciousness and the psychedelic state

2. Do psychedelic drug laws violate Human Rights? 

3. Don’t legalise drugs


Topic: Colonialism & Plant Medicine

The rush to integrate psychedelics within western medicine is occurring at rapid-fire.

Simultaneously, the First Nations’ knowledges and traditions embedded within plant medicines are being commodified and profited from.

How do we/ they move towards models that are grounded within consent, reciprocity & inclusion?


The role of Indigenous knowledge in psychedelic science

Decolonization is not a metaphor

Inside the movement to decolonize psychedelic pharma



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